THOR UVC® is a UV-C emitting robot. It uses unique room mapping and shadow-reduction technology to deliver a fast and effective germicidal doses of constant wave UV-C to inactivate harmful germs and bacteria in the air and on surfaces.

THOR UVC® removes the guesswork for the operator by generating a room map and assisting with optimal room positioning. Robotically extending to reduce shadows, the THOR UVC® will rapidly deliver a powerful and calculated dose of constant wave UV-C energy from floor to ceiling.

Originally designed for all areas of the hospital and healthcare environment, the unit is also suitable for use in all public spaces including hospitality venues, fitness facilities and office spaces.

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Patented shadow reducing technology also ensures the UV-C array hits surfaces from multiple angles to maximise treatment coverage.

As per independent testing, the system can achieve a 99.9999% bacterial kill in minutes*, making THOR UVC® the ideal cleaning solution to sanitise any space.

*As per testing by the Health & Safety Laboratory – Occupational Hygiene Unit Analytical Services 30/3/2012



Constant Wave UV-C is proven to kill known pathogens. Ultraviolet (UV) light is divided into three sub-ranges, A, B, and C. UV-C encompasses the wavelength range 200-280nm and is selectively absorbed by DNA, RNA and proteins of microorganisms. Absorption of UV-C by microorganisms disrupts their DNA/RNA replication process leading to their inactivation*

*Cheng, N., Moe, P., valdez salas, B., Beltrán-Partida, E., Nedev, N. (2020). Inactivation of Enveloped Viruses (Coronavirus, H5N1 Virus) and Disinfection of the Air with Legionella-X 100 Via Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI).

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